What We Do

What is Operation Dawn (Canada)?

Operation Dawn Canada is a faith-based non-profit ministry that promotes addictions recovery through spiritual therapy, the power of the gospel, and most importantly, the love of Jesus Christ. The board of directors, as well as all teachers and assistants are Christians who volunteer their time, knowledge and love towards the cause. The entire team at Operation Dawn Canada strongly believes that full recovery from addiction is only possible through Christ.


  1. To bring people to Christ
  2. To prevent substance abuse
  3. To train future missionaries and pastors

Bring people to Christ

Operation Dawn helps develop the mind, body, and soul to overcome all addictions through faith in Christ Jesus. Recovering addicts establish a strong faith foundation that will help them make better future decisions.

Prevent substance abuse

Prevention must begin with education. Classes on the harmful effects of drug abuse are provided. Attending seminars and testimonials to communities, churches, and schools help further develop the addicts’ ability to comprehend the negative effects of drugs.

Train missionaries and pastors

Operation Dawn has developed a comprehensive training program for those who devote themselves to the cause to become leaders in the ministry.

History of Operation Dawn

After witnessing the deadly and mortal effects of drug addiction in the Kowloon Ghettos of Hong Kong in the 1960s, Rev. John Paul Chan (Menonite Baptist Church) made the decision to dedicate his life to helping drug addicts and their families. In 1968, Rev. John Paul was able to open the first facility for spiritual therapy in Hong Kong. The success rate for recovery was significantly higher than any other programs operating. The Hong Kong government recognized this statistic and assigned a small island outside Lantau Island to the ministry and this became their permanent headquarter formally named the Dawn Island Rehabilitation Centre.

In 1984, the ministry continued to grow and extended its reach to Taiwan under the leadership of recovered drug addict, Rev. Simon Lau, a student of Rev. John Paul. Through hard work and his passion for saving addicts, Rev Simon Lau’s ministry has received recognition and strong support from local government and its communities through the past 30 years. Operation Dawn now has 26 centers operating in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, India, China, U.S.A. and Canada.

In 2002, Rev. Simon Lau arrived in Toronto on the invitation from Partners International to preach at an evangelical meeting. A small group of determined brothers and sisters from different churches volunteered to help promote the work of Operation Dawn to the local Chinese community.

In April 2004, the response to Rev. Simon Lau’s testimony and preaching was overwhelming. Together with the testimony of a former drug addict named Henry, who left for the spiritual therapy in Taiwan from Toronto two years prior, Rev. Lau brought awareness as well as the dark realities of drug addiction to the public. At the same time though, he brought the hope that there were answers and solutions. Rev. Lau and Henry’s testimonies to the Chinese church communities in Toronto quickly resulted in two cases referred by CARE (Christian Aid and Relational Evangelism Inc). Unknowingly at the time, this would mark the humble beginnings of Operation Dawn Canada. The small group of volunteers with Rev. Lau realized that there was an urgent need in Canada for spiritual therapy. With the provisions and grace from God, along with the help of the church community, Operation Dawn Canada was established.

The Future of Operation Dawn Canada

Plan to establish a permanent rehabilitation center in suburban area about 1 to 1-1/2 hour drive from GTA in Ontario.
Raise fund to purchase a physical structure for the Center.
Educate the evangelists to understand the culture of the drug addicts.
Raise fund to meet the daily operation need.
Nurture the rehabilitated to become missionaries.



You can support us by making an online donation today. You can also make a donation by cheque, payable to Operation Dawn Canada.